Sunday 7 July : Mapping the Subtle Body - Ashtanga One Day Study Series

Mapping the Subtle Body - Ashtanga One Day Study Series

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Time   09:00 - 15:00
Teacher   Maxi
Location   Bhumi Yoga Shala
In this series of three one-day workshops we take the time to discover, realign and surrender to the wisdom already present deep inside. In every one-day session we will playfully explore the potential of different inner landscapes, from the root upwards; all through a physical, energetic and psychological lens - both practically as philosophically, broadening and deepening your perspective on practice, and on yourself. Planting the seeds to feed your own ground and soul.

Mapping the Subtle Body Sunday Session:

17 February: The roots of our sense of self, power & creativity: the sacrum, pelvis (hips) & lower spine
19 May: The potenial of fire & fluidity: the belly brain, solar plexus & diaphgragm
7 July: Maps of space, connection and expression: Lungs, heart & throat

09.00-11.30h: Being, Breathing & Asana Practice
We start each morning in silence, from there Maxi will guide you through kriya (cleansing) and pranayama (breathing) exercises to allow you to observe and be present with what is. Then we explore the maps and their subtleties and wisdom of the inner landscapes in focus by experience through a led-type ashtanga class, instructed with many anchors in an explorative manner. Accessible to all who have experience with ashtanga.

13.00-15.00h: In-depth Exploration
Of the inner landsacpes in focus; unraveling their physiological, psychological, energetic and philosophical depth.