Tuesday 19 February : Organic Yoga Flow, Strong & Soft & Yin

Organic Yoga Flow, Strong & Soft & Yin

Time   18:00 - 19:15
Teacher   Kuda
Location   Uprising Yoga Downtown
Spots   Still 15 available
Organic yoga Flow, Strong & Soft/ Yang & Yin:

This Organic Yoga Flow is a style of yoga where the natural rithem of the body is respected and
listened to deeply. It's a verry holistic intuïve style, our teacher knows how to tune in to the collective
needs of the class, and from there let's a taiylor made practise arise organicly.
You may find traces of vinyasa flow and power yoga in this style, but also preparation exercises for Martial-arts
and the lesser populair African Yoga.
After 75min of organic flow you will feel relaxed and grounded, and more in-touch with your breath and body energy.
Come and try for a first hand experiance with our teacher Kuda.